LAVAZZA GTX-R - Simbol Design
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The project started in 2009 and completed in 2010
“GTX-R” is reminiscent of the previous model but re-adapted to road driving with advanced aerodynamics and innovation, always hand carved.
We created this car on the idea of the previous, always BMW powered with the development by Bavarian Performance Group
The chassis has been studied specifically, with a carbon fiber monocoque for the compartment and structure frame in chrome-molybdenum steel.
Body both convertible coupe / roadster
All flow diverters and air vents are doing their part for aerodynamics and engine cooling.
But it’s already been studied the next version only for race, called “GT-R LM” designed for the 24 Hours of Le Mans



Acceleration: 0-100 km / h (0-62 mph) 4.3 seconds
Maximum speed: 333 km / h (207 mph)
Braking distance: 34m (100-0 km / h)
Weight distribution: 42% front, 58% rear


Body and chassis:
The body is made ​​of composite materials and carbon monocoque carbon / kevlar structure in chromium-molybdenum steel design with mixed sections passing through the monocoque


rocker multi-functional


BMW V12 5,600 litre 48v tuned to achieve 359.4 kW (489 hp) @ 6500 rpm


Audi Getrag Type-modified semi-sequential control circuit with electro-pneumatic


1st 2.865
2nd 1.75
3rd 1.245
4th 1.03
5th 0.825
6th 0.72


Reverse: 3.22




Front: ventilated discs Ø 362 mm, width 34 mm.

Brembo 4-piston calipers in aluminum


Rear: ventilated discs Ø 302 mm, width 32 mm. 4-piston aluminum


Hand Brake: Brembo caliper cable operated


Antera Wheels Front 245/40 – 18 ”
Rear 345/30 – 19 ”
Tires Michelin Pilot Sport ZP Run Flat


Car size:
Total length: 4190 mm (165 “)
Total width: 1980 mm (78 “)
Total height: 980 mm (38.6 “) roadster – 1040 mm (41”) coupé
Wheelbase: 2630 mm (103.5 “)
Fuel capacity: 104 liters (27.4 gallons US)
Front luggage compartment: 26 liter (0.9
Dry Weight: 1080 kg (2381 lb)